Entering the Corporate World for those young ambitious career women

When I entered the work world out of college, I stepped into corporate fitness. The company I worked for was contracted into corporations to manage and run their fitness programming..

It sounded so glamorous and I believed it would hold opportunity for me and a career path for growth and success.

The truth of the matter was, most of the management had no form of business training, so when negotiating business or dealing with health, money and business they had no experience. They knew fitness with all kinds of fitness degrees.

I stayed on that path for 5 years. I didn’t have any mentors, no one who understood growth, desired success, or knew of financial acumen.

All of the qualities and aspects I valued.

I dated men who really didn’t understand or match my desires and goals. I thought I could just get away with it, not put any attention or thought into it. Looking back, none of the relationship had any substance to them.

I wanted a balance of growth, expansion, a way to understand where I am at my best, have people in my life that support this and have a partner who was willing to go after his own desires and successes.

Here I am today.

Totally in trust of my purpose and my work.

In the same town, committed to the one man who showed up for me at the most difficult time in my life and the man I most cherish admire and love.

I’ve invested in myself through mentors and coaches who would teach me the skills that I didn’t learn in school, in my experience working in Corporate America or my family and friends.

What I knew is, there were areas I was strong focused and centered. It just happened to be fitness and nutrition.

And with the level of work I was willing to invest in myself I would develop a way to navigate and allocate my resources.

Besides time energy and money, you have skills, confidence, personal power and passion. These all contribute to where and how you decide to live.

Your ability to make choices and decisions that are in alignment with what you want in your life are directly correlated to your outcomes and where you are and where you go in life.

As a young woman who places yourself in the work world, allowing yourself the space and trust in yourself to make decisions and choices that come from within without the beliefs and projections of others can be uncomfortable and scary.

It’s a new faith in your own safety and security and a belief in your own wisdom.

It’s just a different model. If you want to live life on your own terms, it will be a path for you to walk. You’ll acquire everything you need here, from courage, confidence, self trust, responsibility and love.

This path is designed for you to have it all.

Surrounding yourself with likeminded women who want to build create and live life on your own terms is a beautiful expression of faith and trust.

If you feel the call to join my community you can find us on Facebook at Spiritual Warrior for young career women ages 18-32.

We would love to have you here.

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Monica Heiz

Priestess of Passion

Spiritual Warrior for young career women



Young women: Her Freedom to Have it All

There is a distinct difference between men and woman and how we approach the world. It’s designed this way. One aspect that women have avoided, not confronted or chosen to see is, the way a man operates in his own domain. Men are programmed to find things that fit their world their model. Often it looks like he is charming a woman, and he has all the right credentials, and attributes. What women push aside is her practical, deeper inner knowing, her ability to know who she is and what she desires. Women have been raised and programmed to see a man and essentially follow his path, trust in him.

What women must be well versed in is how a man is actually contributing to her world, where he holds no attachment to her. You see, he needs her energy to succeed. It’s his life line, his way of expressing himself through her. Whether it’s positive or negative towards her doesn’t matter to him, it’s the decision he makes, as he decided to put himself out in the world. A woman must recognize his need for her, not from neediness, or false intimacy, rather from the true beauty she brings to his world. This will make him feel vulnerable and rock his world on feeling weak. Which, as a woman trusts in her ability to be a bright light, superstar of her life, will know, her love for him can only provide support, connection and true love. A seduction of the spirit to be free, to feel open and receptive and to add more joy and pleasure to his life.

As a young woman sets herself out in the world, men want things from her. Her time, her energy. They want to believe they are helping her, saving her. Look around. How many women in their 40’s feel like their significant other has supported, helped or saved her? Most likely none. Most feel trapped, confined, or just settled into a partnership that has him leading the way, like an authority or father figure. And for the man, he feels like a failure in his relationship, finds anger in not being able to feel and have the love he was looking for.

Navigating a new way here requires a young woman to really understand her boundaries, her sense of identity and her values, what’s important to her. Men may not like to hear you say, No, as in- I don’t need or want that. Yet it will provide a young woman a tool to understand her own strength and what she is capable of. Capable of speaking up, knowing what’s important to you, your priority which isn’t negotiated or traded for a man. That’s giving up on you. So now that you have a better vision of this, what do you do about it?

Here are 3 steps to staying in your own presences and finding a path with a man in partnership:

1. Understand what you want in a partnership and say it. Speak up with what a parternship looks like for you. From career, family, sex, self care. Be honest, not so much for the man, for yourself. Be honest for yourself and give him the opportunity to see you for who you are.

2. Don’t allow his idea of saving you, helping you, supporting you, fool you. He needs you just as much as you want him. Speak up, be clear. Let him know you want him and the ways you need him to show up for you. Allow him the space to adjust and compliment him, really shower him in the essence of your feminine love when he does just that. Give more than you receive when he shows up as you have asked- gratitude and appreciation for his masculine strength and power.

3. Know what you want to feel in relationship with him. I mean feel from within, not from what he does for you, rather for who he is as a man. Know how you want to feel, that your emotions never hold the power to move and sway in such a sharp pendulum swinging of volatile energy. Recognize that the relationship dynamics you are building holds your emotions in a space of flow and a current, always flowing. This dynamics builds a powerful space for you as a woman to grow, to heal to transform and step more and more into your feminine power with passion and purpose.

Illuminating the riches within


Monica Heiz



Finding your voice and developing a plan for your career path

Finding your voice and developing a plan.

For so many young women, finding your voice, speaking up, being clear and trusting yourself can be a rocky road. Developing a plan, one that you trust will support you financially, emotionally and physically is an unknown. You haven’t found many women who are living in a plan they developed and created to support themselves in all ways. Plus, with the nature of business changing, learning, and hearing from those women who have created it and continue to thrive in it, to show you there is a path for you to take when you plan it out.

Most people, have looked for a plan that would provide safety and security. Then there are those who knew to create a plan that would develop and grow, provide opportunity.

When stepping onto your career path, look for ways you’ll use your skills and talents, see opportunity for growth and add an impact based on your joy, passion and showing up happy and positive. These are clues you can use to grow for yourself and commit to a plan.

Finding businesses and places of employment that are growing and expanding, markets and brands that see a bigger perspective for adding more to customers or clients lives.

Often as women, you want to help, you want to contribute and be valued and appreciated. You can have all of this. Just focus on the environment.

Why The environment.

It is the environment that supports you. The culture of the people, the connection, the integrity of how they business operates. When you don’t have an environment that supports the employees or has a value in time, energy money or service, you give way to fires, and chaos arising.

The business must have systems and structures that supports the health of the people, of the employees, executive and everyone that contributes to the business. This is essential in providing a service and holding a foundation of HEALTH, and WEALTH comes through that.

Wealth is a state of being which is nourished through community, good business and relationships.

As a young woman making your way in the world look for these key factors within a business. Look for businesses who are finding solutions and asking employees to show up with a commitment to the vision and mission.

Find businesses where leadership is always willing to stand for the business and brand, and, invested in the good will and commitment of its employees as part of its process.

You as young women have so much to offer, so much potential. Develop a plan that will keep you focused on the desired outcome, a career path that provides opportunity for you to shine.

Yes, you to shine.

It’s your energy, enthusiasm, charisma, passion and joy that helps businesses maintain a level of service and commitment to customers and clients.

Always remember your value and worth. And, this grows from speaking your truth and committing to your plan.

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Priestess of Passion

Monica Heiz

With the Power You Have, Stand Out

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I had a very interesting experience this morning.  It wasn’t something that was different, I’ve seen it before. It just gave me more perspective and greater awareness.  The experience spoke to my heart and my soul, and it honored the woman I have become.  Let me go ahead and explain.

As I was finishing up my workout, stretching, a male member came over to me.  We say hi to each other when we are in the gym.  He is a well established successful business professional in the community. He came over to me to say, “I shouldn’t continue to look so good, it intimidates men. Men have a hard time coming over to talk to me because I look so good.”  I just smiled and said, “so, that’s ok.”

You see, where his beliefs and many woman have been taught to believe, living up to their own expectations, setting goals and working towards them, finding joy in the power of exceeding her own daily results isn’t a source of her power- it was looked at as a source of a liability, her inability to find happiness or a partner.  That somehow, her efforts to exceed and grow was a source of pushing men away, as opposed to the very thing men need to grow and stretch beyond their own comfort zone.

I am not here to make men comfortable or settle in.

I am not here to settle for the mundane, or the status quo.

This experience really made me recognize how much work must be done to transform this pattern.  To teach model and lead young women to follow their dreams and desires, to hold their values and desires as sacred and place their own happiness in their own hands.

Too many women of past generations gave their power of success away to men.  Gave their power in having it all, away to the version of the dream based on making a man happy by receiving what he has to give as opposed to standing firmly in the power she has as a woman.

Let’s be real.  A woman who chooses to be in her passion and joy is the most abundant, radiant and beautiful on the planet.  She gives not a thought to others problems and issues, and she certainly doesn’t stop or slow down to wait for those men who want her, to catch up.  She lives full steam ahead in reckless abandonment with focus, commitment and detachment.  Detachment to how it’s all supposed to be and committed to how she knows with every ounce of her being and every beat of her heart it is meant to be.

There will always be distractions, and there will always be bright shiny objects.  Yet, being pulled off path by a man who is unwilling to show up fully to match her spirit is the greatest thief of them all.  It’s not that he can’t match her spirit, it’s that he is unwilling to, for it requires the greatest of all powers there is and that is Unconditional Love, it requires he step up and face his own demons. His own identity, status, titles and false powers identified with being a man in today’s world.

As young women today learn to accept, embrace and value her own power, her own direction, passions and actions towards success, society dramatically shifts. Young men learn to value respect and work for the woman he wants to be with. Young women, recognize the power she has in asking for what she wants, all in relationship with her own goals.

Power is a personal choice. Learning to accept and own your own personal power takes courage. Courage is the foundation to speak your heart in the actions you take, and show up fully.  You are exposed, raw and real.  The true nature of your courage is not found in status, title, possessions.  It’s found the moment you decide to align your values and your passions into actions.

So what did I learn this morning in my experience?  That my message and my soul purpose is important.  That as young women show up fully,  can be too much for some, and yet the most beautiful display of self love necessary to live with passion and purpose.  And that settling, looking for other people’s approval, is their own way of making themselves feel important, unwilling to look within.

If you’re ready to learn more or step into your ow power, connect with me at monica@priestessofpassion.com

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Monica Heiz

Priestess of Passion


As young women you have the power and passion to live life to your fullest

I believe it’s essential to acknowledge the power and passion of young adults. Young women and men who see a different perspective than older generations and decide they want something else in their life.

I can speak from experience here.  When adults stop challenging themselves, personally and professionally.  When adults get caught up in safety and security outside of themselves they forget how influential and powerful their passion is.  It’s why so many relationships fail. Why couples stop having sex and being intimate.  They lose their desire for passion that speaks from the heart with fire fueled with true power for love. It’s the raving hormones of young adults and young lovers.

Passion is the magical ingredient once you realize your dreams and move forward towards them.  The greatest asset is your passion. Now how to navigate passion is something important.

Passion will lead you toward your desires. It will challenge the status quo, the “normal” everyday living.  Passion focuses your energy and attention on where you are going, not the problems in front of you.  Passion, is heated and raised.  Where older generations have gotten frozen and stuck in story, limits and patterns, younger generations have the tenacity strength and courage to take risks, which forges a new pathway to freedom, to change and your desires. It’s the heat to burn away the old.

Passion is a requirement.  It speaks of your heart from your soul.  It must be heard and it must be in motion, in action; e-motion.

Why do adults have such a hard time accepting younger generations, or young women’s passions? There is a fearlessness in passion.  There is risk taking in passion. Passion challenges their basic level of living.  Their basic level of living that acquired them things to “feel” like they are safe, when actually the opposite has happened. The older generations feel safe with, status, a system that supports them to think they are safe, a big home, a job or career with benefits. This leaves them lifeless or grasping for more.  The younger generation today knows finding freedom and peace are created through action, exploring and desiring something they are willing to work towards.  All the signs of passion!

Being a young woman in today’s world, passion is the new black.  You know it can point you towards a career, community, health & fitness and an intimate partner.

The important thing I want you young women to hear is, never sacrifice your passion for someone else or something else.  Why do I say this?  Passion is a gift. It gives you life, freedom, ways to earn a living and love. It returns back to you in all ways, always. Where older generations felt passion, some women made decisions to give their passion to a marriage, career, job because they believed that in giving it away, it would provide them safety and security.  In the end, many women feel stuck, stagnant and settled into their choices, because, their passion was stunted in the system and structure created by someone else.

There are always choices and options.  Passion to fully express feel and engage asks you to consistently and faithfully follow it. That means at times, you will take risks far greater than others think is possible or worth it. Ladies, it is always worth it!  You are always worth it! It is your freedom, love, self expression and joy!

Passion, grows, and navigates into the unknown, that’s the beauty of it.  Trust in your process, stay true to you and always always listen to your passion, allow it to rise and lead the way.

Illuminating the riches within

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Monica Heiz

Priestess of Passion


Your courageous heart risks for the sake of justice, love and service. Fearlessly Loves


courageous heart

What is a courageous heart?  A courageous heart acts in truth. A courageous heart acts in passion.  It is the light within that reflects to others that which they don’t want to see. It is the aspect of you that shows up, willing to stands up to others.  A courageous heart risks for the sake of justice, love and service.

Often women are blamed, judged, criticized and sent into worry, panic and fear through others beliefs, judgments and limited perspectives. She is made to second guess her ideas and views, feels a bit threatened and uncomfortable with her choice to go against the crowd. This act of courage is the voice of her soul speaking.

Women have been less likely to speak up, there has been so much connected to her safety and security, that fitting in became easier and safer.

With so much changing in the world, false power being exposed as just that, women are claiming their power, especially their ability to trust in their intuition and believe in their truth.

What does that look like for you?

Really, what does claiming your power, trusting your intuition and believing in your truth look like?

Let’s begin with claiming your power.  Speaking up for something that holds meaning to you. Something that feels true, bold, bodacious from the heart and soul of you. When you decide it is what you desire, you will have the courage to stand up and speak up.  Claiming your power, well, it feels so good. It’s this ecstasy of joy and pleasure that courses through you like an electric current from the Divine.  Make no mistake, SHE is with you.

Trusting your intuition.  Your intuition is very powerful and trustworthy.  Learning to settle in, Listen. Listen. Listen.  Be willing to be confident in yourself.  This may take some work and a few speed bumps to slow down. Confidence in your intuition becomes a master creator and truth teller for your courageous heart.  Settle in, it’s bound to be a fearless ride.

Believing in your truth. This is packed with a Self Love like no other.  Your truth is Self Love in action. The place where your courageous heart meets the world head on. And lovelies, you are meant to share, express and live your Truth. Shine bright, your truth illuminates through your courageous heart.

In the masculine we talk about the ego, the false perception of self. A way to protect one’s self.  Women, we look for connection, depth and intimacy in our way of living. It’s through the acts of power with our courageous heart we break down walls, and build relationships. Now is the time the ego is no match for the courageous heart.

When women answer the call of their hearts, the flow of passion that runs deep through her core, she awakens to the magic and limitless potential her courageous heart holds for her.  It is here she is unbreakable, unstoppable and sees behind the illusions and veils. Her courageous heart open, vulnerable and expansive becomes the light for others to find their truth.

Join my community of young women here where passion and true power are the foundation for creating a life of meaning and purpose.

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Monica Heiz

Priestess of Passion



I had a question asked to me, one by a beautiful woman wanting to understand a way to explain Love. How do you know love and explain love?

Here is my response.

Women are very different than men. Our emotions are a delicate, sensual way we view the world. Men, take on the world through their commitments, discipline and focus. This has set women up to believe we depended on men to gain their attention. We could sleep with them, give them sex. That didn’t teach either a woman or a man about love. Men could promise us financial stability and security, so women could find thousands of reasons why he was a good partner. Even if in her heart, she didn’t love him. That made love look like it was based on money. No wonder why younger generations have difficulty discerning between love, money and security.

So what is love? Love is a feeling, an emotion. It has no sense of sex, money or power. It honors the value of a woman for her deepest intimate connection with her self, her emotions and her truth. You can’t run or hide from your emotions, by now most of you young women know this. After years of chasing men or being mislead by men.

Men. An empowered man will put his career, his success in the world first. He will commit to his work, AND he will value your feminine energy. When he is with you, you are his main priority. He knows he is lucky to be with you, and for some young men admitting this is difficult. With inexperience or fears he will hide behind his career. Being too busy for you, not ready to commit or trying to distance himself from you.

So how do you know it’s love? The love begins in you. When you as a woman, have nothing to get from a man. When you as a woman have so much to offer the world, and he is willing to work for it. Work for it as in settling into his emotions and feelings. Working for it, giving you space to be free, wild heart. Working for it, keeping you present in his thoughts.

As a young woman, holding your confidence, trust and beauty~ not for a man, for a partner, lover, best friend and safe space. This can only be cultivated in your relationship with yourself, your connection to your truth. Love has no boundaries. It offers no promises and it offers no guarantees.

Love opens you. It pours heart energy into you for the man you love. It opens you to a place of such trust and compassion, you’re willing to set yourself free of what others believe is love. Love scares you to trust, open and be vulnerable~ not for someone else, rather for your soul. To find freedom. These are qualities women establish to be in the world. It is through her emotional strength she releases the past hurts, other people’s ideas about love and she creates her nest, her sacred space for the right man to enter. It’s here in her sexual surrender, if she is with a worthy man, a woman opens from head to toe, receiving divine love- force deep throughout her body, so that she is rippled, arched and undulated by its boundless flow.

Here is my version of a masculine and feminine relationship

The masculine and feminine are interdependent. They need each other to survive. A truly feminine woman is waiting for her masculine man and the truly masculine man is searching far and wide for the truly feminine woman. Not only do they need to coexist together, but the results of a masculine man and feminine woman coming together romantically is beautiful and even electric. The feminine woman loves, nurtures, and accepts her masculine man and cares for his ego, his pride, and his emotions, while the masculine man protects, shelters, provides for and conquers for his feminine woman.

What happens when these two come together is a relationship that is beautiful, fluid, passionate and electrifying.

The love you seek begins from within

Illuminating the riches within

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Monica Heiz

Priestess of Passion